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Cursed Rust: Printing Things The Wrong Way

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { lightEmbedInit(); }); There is a famous story about a physicist during an exam at the University of Copenhagen. The candidate was asked to describe how to determine a skyscraper's height using a barome… More »

Deploy Rust Code Faster

I've come a long way in my tech journey, from dealing with bare metal servers to exploring the world of cloud computing. Initially, it seemed so straightforward – spin up a server, deploy a container, and you're done. But as I delved deeper, I realized that the ease of infrastructure is not as simpl… More »

My Blog Just Got Faster: Cloudflare Workers and AVIF Support

Did I mention that this website is fast? Oh yeah, I did, multiple times. It's never fast enough, so today I go one step further by adding support for the new AVIF image format to the blog. The results were suprising. More »


Here's a test to check your age: Do you still remember that funny JavaScript gravity effect, which Google used on their homepage ten years ago? More »

A Tiny, Static, Full-Text Search Engine using Rust and WebAssembly

I wrote a basic search module that you can add to a static website. It's very lightweight (50kB-100kB gzipped) and works with Hugo, Zola, and Jekyll. Only searching for entire words is supported. Try the search box on the left for a demo. The code is on Github. Static site generators are magica… More »

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