How To Sell To Developers

One of the hardest challenges I know is how to sell to developers. This is NOT an article for developers. Today, I want to write for non-developers whose job it is to sell to developers. My goal is to help you understand how they think. Developers Hate Being Sold To We t… More »

Cursed Rust: Printing Things The Wrong Way

In which I look at unconventional ways to print 'Hello, world!' in Rust as an excuse to teach some Rust concepts and foster curiosity. Seemingly simple problems can have surprisingly complex, often humbling solutions. More »

Deploy Rust Code Faster

I've come a long way in my tech journey, from dealing with bare metal servers to exploring the world of cloud computing. Initially, it seemed so straightforward – spin up a server, deploy a container, and you're done. But as I delved deeper, I realized that the ease of infrastructure is not as simpl… More »

Little Helpers

Yesterday I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at all the conveniences modern life has to offer. A lot of the chores in our household are taken care of by little helpers: The dishwasher washes the dishes, the washing machine washes the clothes, and the robot vacuum cleaner cleans the floors. The … More »

The Uber of Poland

A few years ago I visited a friend in Gdańsk, Poland. As we explored the city, one thing I noticed was that cabs were relatively expensive and there was no Uber. Instead, most (young) people used a community-organized service called Night Riders. I couldn't find anything about that service on the we… More »

Your First Business Should Be A Spreadsheet

One of the best decisions I made in 2020 was to open my calendar to everyone. People book appointments to chat about open-source projects, content creation, and business ideas. When we discuss business ideas, the conversation often leans towards problems suited for startups, such as using artificial… More »

Starting A Print-On-Demand Business As A Software Engineer

One day I had the idea to make a print of my Github timeline. I liked the thought of bringing something "virtual" into the real world. 😄 So I called up my friend Wolfgang and we built codeprints. It's my first "physical" product, so I decided to share my learnings. … More »

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