Hi, I'm Matthias Endler!

I'm a Backend Developer / Site Reliability Engineer living in Düsseldorf, Germany.

My interests are scalability, performance and distributed systems; but I also play around with embedded systems and console emulation. I have a master's degree in Computer Science from Universität Bayreuth. At work, I improve the backend infrastructure of trivago by making it faster and more reliable.

Nowadays, I mostly use Golang, Python, and Rust to get stuff done. I run Hello, Rust!, a YouTube channel about the Rust programming language.

Here's a list of some Open Source projects I maintain:

analysis-tools-dev/static-analysis7761 ★
mre/idiomatic-rust1996 ★
tinysearch/tinysearch1305 ★
mre/the-coding-interview1177 ★
mre/receipt-parser564 ★
mre/hyperjson305 ★
hello-rust/show265 ★
mre/cargo-inspect263 ★
analysis-tools-dev/dynamic-analysis259 ★
mre/kafka-influxdb198 ★
mre/prettyprint187 ★
mre/fcat183 ★
mre/timelapse151 ★
mre/vscode-snippet105 ★

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and Github or send me an e-mail.

Oh yeah, here is a list of my previous talks. Let me know if you need a speaker.